Plot points

We’re all screwed.

In the beginning… Homlett: Rescuing the innkeeps daughter, found a strange torc with an eagle emblazoned on it. Click, oops it won’t come off.

Fortress Monastery: Goblins, Dali Chun, dragon statues, Misty rooms, Hey look this torc has a Raven, click.

Axebridge: Nice town, funny new fad, people are carrying around small stone eggs. Nice stonemasons apprentice donated a new sculpture in the town square.Nice kid ny the name of Bob and his friend Magnus. Murder in the church, little old priest tells a story about Forgotten Heroes and a tomb in the mountains.

Tomb of Forgotten Heroes: Trap, trap, funny portal, hey thats a nice sword, look a guy suspended by chains, that must have hurt, oh my god, not the face, not the face! Look a bunch of sarcophagi. Hello Wolf, goodbye bladder control.

Plot points

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